"The Mali Initiative is a catalyst for change - igniting aspirations and enabling the dreams of local visionaries to be realised to create a positive and sustainable world."


MI's response to the humanitarian crisis

Since February 2012, the Mali Initiative has been sending support and relief to refugees and internally displaced people devastated by the current political and humanitarian crisis.  Whilst the fighting continues around them, children in a Mauritania refugee camp continue their education. In addition, hundreds of refugee families in the Mberra refugee camp have also been supplied with blankets and food thanks to friends of the Mali Initiative. We say thank you for making this support possible.    Vi    Go to Travel to fnd out more.


2014 is the Mali Initiative's 10th Year Anniversary!

2014 marks the 10th anniversary for the Mali Initiative. To mark this very special occasion, stay tuned for events and ways to be invovled.

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